Chez HWTI — In the Design Studio

Welcome to Chez HWTI — our interior design studio. Our Utah-based studio is truly the place where our design work unfolds, from our initial sketches and drawings, to material selections, procurement, client interfacing, and more.

In order to be creative, I need my surroundings to feel calm, peaceful, and organized. However, it is natural light that gives me energy and that is when I feel most creative. We are so lucky to have an abundance of natural light in the studio — we have northern, southern and a little eastern light. Mornings are always so beautiful and when a great deal of my clear thoughts occur.

Adjacent to our studio space is a “sunroom”. It has three sides of windows, and skylights. Originally this was a solarium type space for lemon trees and plants that needed a cozy winter habitat, but as the studio became bursting, I designed adjustable bookshelves with open “X” backs that don’t totally block the light coming in the garden but have storage below the window line with doors and plenty of shelving for samples and project trays.

When designing our studio, it was important for me to consider some imperfect elements. I wanted to incorporate a Louis Phillippe armoire I found at Wisteria Antiques in Soquel, CA. I found it while shopping alongside my mother. I also needed to think about proper meeting and storage space. A large counter space was designed for laying out projects, and can accommodate unraveling a bolt of fabric. Additionally, we have storage solutions for shipping, packaging, and presentation materials in the center island. Sometimes we have lunch here for mid-day presentations and it works to sit around the island as if we were in a relaxed bistro somewhere.

I do believe that organization needs a good dose of natural — that’s why I have always collected and loved baskets. I’m picky about what kind of baskets, but gratefully there are so many options now — and a good raffia tray will always look good stacked. Baskets make the room softer and more approachable.

Grounding the space in our studio is a Kings House Rug, which my team first saw in person on a sourcing trip to Paris Deco Off in Jan 2020. Caroline Gidiere’s design has just the right blues, scale and punch for our studio — with a good dose of our favorite thematic flooring over the past 1000 years: parquet with a key. The other awesome trait of this rug: it’s wool so it will take a beating and can be cleaned!

We adore hosting clients in our studio for meetings. On the ready you’ll find a set of Precise V5 pens, Pellegrinos, projects documents and our favorite notepads.

Below, I’ve noted some of my favorite pieces for optimal organization. Take a peek. Now, time to get back to design!

I love using antique French and English baskets — there are so many fantastic willow makers out there. These are also a great go-to!

I love fitting bulletin boards into specific places so that often requires us to have custom boards made. However I have also used these over the years and they are a sure thing!

There's nothing like a good old fashioned notebook to keep you accountable. This company in London has a lovely selection!

Every studio needs some curb appeal! Pop in a fern or topiary, and voilà

Scallops are hard to surrender to! These are perfect for keeping supplies like tape, notepads and all the essentials, clustered together on a desk.

These are the ultimate comfort for smaller scale humans (women!) and completely worth the price for commercial grade comfort and function — lightweight enough to feel like you are controlling the chair, not the other way around.