Textiles: The Driving Force of Every Space

Textiles are a central part of our design work. I believe they are particularly integral because they truly help make each home unique. We are so lucky to have many talented textile lines throughout the world with their ever-evolving techniques and technology. It’s important to note that the way you use fabric matters — how it’s lined, hung, what tape is utilized…these are the elements that set apart every space. You don’t necessarily need to use uber expensive fabrics to achieve a thoughtful look — an inexpensive cotton or linen will do the trick — so long as the crafted components like the way the welt is sewn or how the corners are constructed on a pillow, are well done. Personally, I love the craft component and find this part of the creative process such fun.

Textiles are the “IP” of each space. In fact, after every HWTI project is completed, we take the respective pile of textiles and set aside so we don’t repeat on a future project. Of course, you’ll see some of our signature checks and stripes, but they might be done in a different colorway to keep things fresh and fun.

Our “look” as a design firm tends to lean traditional with a dialed back tone. We often begin our schemes with a “favorite” fabric and will continue to iterate and pull back. Restraint is important to rest the eye and can be achieved in both traditional and contemporary spaces. I especially love when fabrics aren’t matching! This adds dimension. In order for the fabric scheme to balance, I tend to integrate a lot of texture. We achieve shine with silk, heavy wovens and bouclé for that sense of “cozy”…I’m a big proponent of natural fabrics versus the blends. And, even if it’s a household without young children and pets, we treat everything with a food and beverage block. Fabrics should bring beauty and joy, but they should live harmoniously with our active lives — that is the beauty of great design.

With the holidays approaching, one of the easiest ways to refresh a space is with new pillows and textiles. Thus, below, please find some of my selections from our Pillow Shop!

Schumacher Serenissimo Velvet Pillow What's better than a velvet pillow for ultimate luxe?!

Soane Palampore Blossom A gorgeous floral print inspired from an Indian Textile — so dreamy!

Blue and white check bolster Blue and white checks are my love language! Adore this linen bolster.

Ralph Lauren Home Red Stepping Stone Paisley Paisley perfection!

Zak + Fox Khotan Pillow Adore this motif with its tangled vines in its cobalt hue

Soane Palampore Blossom Bolster A versatile bolster with its self-welt, we can't get enough of this print!