Hillary W Taylor X The CEH

Capsule Collection

Great things take time. I’m pleased to present my collection for The CEH, showcasing five pieces that reflect my love of well-crafted furniture, practical beauty and a little dash of whimsy. Each piece is made by hand to stand the test of time, enhancing a sense of peace and functionality we all crave, now more than ever.

Design Influences

The Old World and The Natural World

I start with scale and proportion - then look to be inspired by 18th and early 19th century ebenistes! These two periods inform my baseline sense of scale, color and personality. Nature plays a critical role in my subconscious approach.

Floral & Stripes, Cotton & Chintz!

I believe something playful or slightly askew in every room makes it realistic and built to withstand the symphony of family life. The Mr. B Screen fits right into that narrative — it brings softness and structure to an open floor plan, and allows me to showcase my favorite textiles.

It’s a good time to think deeply about what we surround ourselves with. Personally, I really wanted to create pieces that become a backdrop to life and not part of a trophy space.
- Hillary