Mr. B Table

Product Details

Inspired by a special piece purchased at the Mario Buatta auction, and featured inside his autobiographical book, Mario Buatta. A functional, lightweight and curvy drinks table with feminine lines, making it easy to snuggle up to a sofa.

Dimensions: 15 ⅞” w x 23” h

Finishes:  bleached french walnut or maple painted

Hillary's Notes

As a young girl, I had shirred edge pillows on my bed that were made of Mario’s yellow chintz. His passing marked the end of an era, but I think it has also rejuvenated a love for anglo-american style. I love that this piece can be pulled right up to a sofa or chair you are sitting at. It especially complements modern life — it could hold more than a drink, perhaps a laptop. A chic TV tray!

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